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SIAA 2017

SIAA ‐ South Indian ASDF Awards from the presenters of ASDF (Association of Scientists Developers and Faculties) Global Awards mainly aims at the concentrating for the Research promotion in South Indian Zone exclusively. SIAA is mainly focusing on concentrating the best South Indian Experts in Teaching, Industrial, Research, Academic Scientists and more. Like ASDF Global Awards, SIAA concentrates in the Collaboration of all the activities performed by its Governing Body members, members and their associates. This will boost up the South Indians, who are all waiting for their excess skills to be exposed and get accredited into the macro stream.

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Rohini College of Engineering and Technology Chapter Inauguration

On September 8, 2016 the Memorandum of Understanding was inked between Association of Scientists, Developers and Faculties and Rohini College of Engineering and Technology, Kanyakumari was inked in the presence of Students, Faculties and Parents making a strong cooperation between both the bodies. Also the ASDF South India Secretary Dr. Sivagama Sundari Meenakshi Sundaram was present in the beginning of the new relationship at Southern Tip of Republic of India.

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