ASDF Global Awards V11.0 Final Results Announced

ASDF Global Awards 2021 Press Release

“The 11th ASDF Global Awards 2021 has declared the results of Phase 5 today in a press conference held in Coimbatore, India. The most awaited results of the ASDF Global Awards are now out by the core members of the Awards Committee and the International Secretary of ASDF jointly for all the 27 award categories.”

December 21, 2021 – The Association of Scientists, Developers, and Faculties hosts the Global Awards every across the world to identify and markup them into a higher level which could be visualized into a more critical standard. The narrowing was done at various levels bringing out the 15847 nominations to 7. The year-long suspense is now out after multiple degrees of ascertaining documentation, qualification eligibility and various factors.

The Association of Scientists, Developers and Faculties (ASDF International), an International Organization fostering Research and Development, hosts the Global Awards to recognize people from the micro-level to a greater macro level. This is extended across the Globe to choose the best out of all. The team was headed by Dr. Arulmurugan Vadivelu, President of ASDF Global Awards 2021; the outright task began in January 2021 with an open call for the nomination of the ASDF Global Awards.

With back support from Dr. K. Maran, Vice – President – Academics who is the Director of Management Studies of Sairam Institute of Management Studies; Dr. Rajkumar Sugumaran, Vice – President – Industry who is the Senior Advisor of Techno Forum Group and Dr. C. V. Jayakumar, Vice – President – Research & Bodies who is the Principal of Agni College of Engineering & Technology and winner of the Best Dean of the year 2012, the entire process was influentially into the track. In line with the previous years, ASDF has done an extraordinary job of handpicking the right ones on all the verticals. Specific categories were nominated, but on the rigorous process of choosing the right one, most were out of the track.

The categories of ASDF Global Awards may comprise the following nominees at the end of the Phase 5 nominations. For the Best Academic Researcher Awards, there are two finalists: Ashifa Kariveliparambil Mohammed Ashraf of Istanbul Gelisim University, Turkey; Muralidharan Velappan of AMET University Chennai, Republic of India.

We have Ezhilarasan K of the University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore (now Bengaluru), the Republic of India, for the Best ASDF Student Awards. Alongside, we have Nilkanth Kulkarni of Shri Guru Gobind Singhji Institute of Engineering & Technology, Republic of India, for the Best Academic Professor Awards.

For the Best Scientific Researcher Awards, two finalists include Mahdi Hosseini of Nanjing Forestry University, China; and Diwakar Ramanuj Tripathi of Sudha Sureshbhai Maniar College of Computer & Management, Nagpur, Republic of India.

We have Prakash R of Rajarajeswari Medical College & Hospital, Bengaluru, the Republic of India, for the Best Academic Administrator Awards.

The finalist, though, will be added to the website for the Hall of Fame had also been personally visited or interviewed by a committee of the member(s) to validate and ascertain the documents submitted by every individual and institute. Always ASDF Global Awards aim at finding the right person after proper authentication and awarding them. The President of Global Awards has assured that the same trust and reliability of the Global Awards will be the primary motto, which will be adhered to. These Global Awards has been happening consecutively for the 11th Edition annually.

Widely closing the committee and the ASDF President Julie Rue Bishop gave an open call for all the public to be part of this Global Awards and witness the victory of people on 30th December 2021 at Coimbatore, the Republic of India, virtually due to the widespread COVID. Along with the President of ASDF Global Awards, the Global President of Techno Forum Group S Prithiv Rajan, ASDF International Administrator Daniel James, ASDF International Secretary and  Vice-President of Research Kokula Krishna Hari Kunasekaran, ASDF Global Vice President of Human Resources Rajkumar Sugumaran, Saikishore Elangovan, Manikandan Ayyapan, Kemplong Municief and other members were present.

The Nominations for ASDF Global Awards v12.0 will open on 1st January 2022 at