The Book Publication of ASDF International is revamped from July 2016. All the members of ASDF are welcome to publish the books under the banner of Association of Scientists, Developers and Faculties International. The UK region has initiated this process again. ASDF Members can publish upto 1500 pages book where non-members can publish upto 1250 pages. To become as ASDF Membership click here.

A final quote will be sent to the registered email ID before the production begins. We aim to Produce, Copyright, Print and Publish within 100 days of receiving the full payment. There will be no refund if the production has started. If you inform us before the production, we will refund the entire amount with the deduction of administrative fees of 25%. ASDF is a registered organization in the United Kingdom, and all the information and payments processing of this Book Publishing should be sent only to asdf”@”asdf”.”international. For super urgent queries alone reach us at +44(0)20-81445548.

Benefits of Publishing with ASDF

  • Book Published with Hard copy with unique ISBN number.
  • Used for API Score / ADC Conversions / AGS Valuations.
  • Book will be available for sale in Flipkart, Amazon and Google Books.
  • Each author will get 1 hard copy of the book.
  • Each author will get an online verifiable certificate.
  • Chief Editor will get one book as complementary.

Book Publishing Request Form

  • DD dot MM dot YYYY
  • Book Information

  • Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx, Max. file size: 8 MB.
    Book should be in "pdf, doc, docx" format only. 8 MB Maximum.

  • Standard Book Publishing Guidelines

    • Margin will be spaced in top & Bottom sized as 2.5cm and Left & Right 1.9 CM
    • Title (Perpetua Bold 20), Authors name and designation (Perpetua 10). Author name should be bold
    • Heading Perpetua – Bold – All Caps - 12
    • Sub Heading Perpetua – Bold - 12
    • Content Perpetua – 10
    • Publication charges depend upon the Number of chapters, Number of pages, Number of hard copy as well as book size.