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The Book Publication of ASDF International is revamped from July 2016. All the members of ASDF are welcome to publish the books under the banner of Association of Scientists, Developers and Faculties International. The UK region has initiated this process again. ASDF Members can publish upto 500 pages book where non-members can publish upto 250 pages. To become as ASDF Membership click here.

The pricing is simple, for Members & Non-Members it is 1 GBP, but ASDF Members will get just the double page count than the Non-Members. If you pay 50 GBP for 50 pages, ASDF Members will get upto 100 pages where non-members get only 50 pages. Additional pages are chargeable, whose invoice will be calculated later and manually sent to the author. There will be no refund if the production has started. If you inform us before the production, we will refund the entire amount with the deduction of administrative fees of 25%. ASDF is a registered organization in the United Kingdom and all the information and payments processing of this Book Publishing should be sent only to asdf”@”asdf”.”international. For super urgent queries alone reach us at 020-81445548.

Book Publishing

  • Book Information

  • Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx.
  • ASDF Members will get double. For over 250 pages, write to [email protected]

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