ASDF receives an average of 200 applications every calendar month. Finding the suitable application out of the received pool is a challenging task for the Administrators and we are proud that the team is doing a very efficient task in sorting and identifying the right individuals for the grants.

Travel Grants Evaluation Process

On an average 67% of the applications are approved with 90% of Travel Grants which includes Round Trip Economy Class Tickets and Accommodation. With the highly limited funds available the team at ASDF strives to facilitate the potential researchers.

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All the applicants from ASDF Members will be considered for the Grant in a Fair, Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory terms. Though we love to expand this travel grants to non-members, right now we are limited for LIVE ASDF Members alone. Kindly ensure that your membership is LIVE. If you don’t have your membership or to renew the same, kindly visit before proceeding with the application.

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The initial screening is done through an automated system which evaluates the application on various attributes and generates a score for consideration. This depends on the information supplied during the application. Any application with a score of more than 70 out of 100 will be considered for further screening.

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When the initial screening is passed, the committee will evaluate the documents supplied for the process. This varies case to case, which includes identity to supporting documents. This evaluation is done manually with the subject matter experts.

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All the contents of the application are validated and cross-verified through the appropriate agencies. ASDF reserves the right to request for further information about the contents supplied during the application and documentation. Decision criteria differ from case to case.

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The Decision is taken after analysing various parameters. Two independent reviewers are vetted Acceptance and Rejections are vetted by 3 independent reviewers minimum. Careful considerations are made while making the Decision to ensure that we aren’t over-seeing any application.

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We encourage appeals from the applicants if the grant is undervalued. The application should write to asdf @ within 30 days or before the grant is being released. Unfortunately, we reserve the right not to reveal the decision criteria or rejection reasons. We will not be able to accommodate any refused application appeals.

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Initial Review happens every 30th of calendar month. Document reviews happen every 20th of the calendar month. Decisions are updated on 30th of the 3rd month and funds are released in the 1st week of 4th calendar month. If the conference falls before, you may be asked to submit UC along with the proof of travel before the funds are being released. The dates are subject to change.