Association of Scientists, Developers and Faculties gives either Submission Acceptance or Submission Rejection when the review of the paper is completed. When the Acceptance is provided, please proceed for the Conference Author Registration. The Registration fee varies from Conference to Conference, please read through the information about the fees in the appropriate conference. Also be noted that in certain conferences there will be Author Registration and in some conferences Paper / Article Registration.

Author Registration conference will not keep you posted if the co-author hasn’t registered for the Conference. The administrator of the Conference on the formatted¬†instruction will remove the author who hasn’t registered for the Conference and publications would be proceeded. Try to register all the authors at a single instance.

No receipt will be issued from the side of ASDF. When the paper is removed from the system even after registration, please email us IMMEDIATELY to restore your paper. This could have happened because of the improper matching of Paper ID from registration system and Submission system.