Women Empowerment using Digital Technology

ICTs and Gender Mainstreaming track: Women Empowerment using the Digital Technology

Association of Scientists, Developers and Faculties

Session 114

Empowering women and removing Gender Parity is one of the most essential things of the existing technologically upgrown world and environment. The statistics say that only 1 in every 3 women can access the check the emails and 1 in every 5 women can access Bank Accounts digitally. Technology and digital environments are never limited only to men and women have greater accessibility for those comparatively. The barriers of the same will be discussed by the fantastic panellists of diverse backgrounds. The session will be moderated by Dr. K. Kokula Krishna Hari, International Secretary & Head of Innovation with participants from East to West across the Globe.


Dr Rachna Singh, Superintendent Of Police [East]Puducherry Police, Puducherry, Republic of India

Dr. Rachna Singh is presently serving as Superintendent Of Police, Pondicherry(East), Republic of India. She had a dream of becoming a Police officer, which turned into reality with her hard and dedicated preparations for the UPSC Examinations. She did her PhD, in Ancient Indian History, especially focusing on the conditions of Women in the Rajputana Era. She was titled Cum Laude and received a Gold medal in 2017 from Lucknow University. Presently serving as Superintendent of Police, Pondicherry. She has done many awareness programmes about women empowerment, a crime against women and children, drug abuse, personality development, women equality, cybercrime, self-defence sessions.


Dr Indumathi Jayaraman, Professor Anna University, Chennai, Republic of India

Dr. J. Indumathi, is a Professor from Anna University, Chennai, with flabbergasting teaching and research experience for more than three decades. She is the Former Director of Ramanujan Computing Centre. She is the First Lady / Former Secretary for TamilNadu Engineering Admissions and First Lady / Former Secretary for TamilNadu Common Admissions Being a child prodigy, she has attained her DLitt (Information Security), DSc (Computer Science and Engineering), PhD (Information  Security in Computer Science & Engineering), MBA(Finance Management), MA(Sociology), ME(Applied Electronics), BE (Electronics and Communication Engineering), BSc (Zoology, Botany, Chemistry) and holds a Diploma in Human Rights. She is an IRCA Certified Information Security Management System Lead Auditor, Certified Privacy Lead Assessor, Chartered and Approved Valuer in Computer Technology, Amateur Wireless Telegraph Station License holder (Restricted), Certified Six Sigma Green Belt Holder and Certified Mainframe Professional.

Her interdisciplinary, expertise is outstanding, spanning diverse subject areas including the latest cutting-edge technologies. She has a zeal for investigation, research and has innovated and improvised expansively projects which have made a milestone in the perfection of a lifestyle of humankind. Being a privacy researcher and activist, she has received many awards and accolades from various organizations, varsities and institutions quantifying to more than 81 awards.

Dr J. Indumathi has published more than 220 scientific papers published in reputed publications, filed 8 Copyrights, 3 patents and authored several books. Most of her journal publications are indexed in Scopus and Web of Science. She has delivered several technical invited talks, keynote/plenary speeches and has chaired several sessions in conferences worldwide.

She is credited as being the pioneer and first Professional to take the entire Engineering Admission Process and successfully accomplished the counselling process to go online.


Dr. Indhu Varatharajan, Research FellowGerman Aerospace Center, Berlin, Germany

Dr. Indhu Varatharajan recently completed her doctorate on “Evaluating new spectral analysis techniques to study the hot surface of Mercury with MERTIS on ESA/JAXA BepiColombo mission”. She is one of the official Co-Investigators of MERTIS payload since 2018. She is also the Elected Chair of Europlanet Early Career Network since Feb 2018. Her primary interests focus on the integrated spectroscopy approach aiding planetary surface exploration.


Sriram, Technology Evangelist, Primefort, Republic of India

Sriram is an Independent Security Researcher! Also, He is the Founder and CTO of Primefort Pvt. Ltd. He has had experiences with several other companies working on application penetration testing. Sriram got listed in the hall of fame of Barracuda Labs, Apple, Blackberry, 500px, Freshbooks, Splash ID and many other companies for reporting severe vulnerabilities. He has also trained more than 45,000 students in the field of Information Security. In addition to these, Sriram has delivered talks at various conferences. He is a part of the Technical Team Committee of the National Cyber Defence Research Centre. He is leading the Entrepreneurs Council of India Pondicherry Chapter and Open Web Application Security Project Pondicherry Chapter, Lead Steering Committee of National Information Security Council and also the Core Member of Hackersday. and Head of Tamilnadu Region of Cybershrishti.


Ilanit Simhi, Digital Media Consultant & Entrepreneur, Florida, United States of America

Ili Simhi is a Digital Media Consultant and Artist. Her love of art and passion for new technology resulted in over 20 years of blended experience in Art forms, Photography, Videography, mixed Digital and Event Production to provide the perfect fit for any business.

Ili helps clients build strong business relationships through effective digital marketing strategies. Teaming with business owners, entrepreneurs, and educators, she turns their vision into reality through web development and social media strategies, crafting a successful online presence.

As a creative marketing strategist, Ili focuses on fresh and innovative new concepts to sharpen each business owners’ vision. “There’s always a way” — Ili’s unique conceptual thinking method — provide clients with a clear template for choosing the right tools to achieve marketing goals.

Ili’s driving focus is on empowering women through digital media. She successfully worked with and mentored Florida International University students through her work with Women in Computing, Women in Cyber Security, Women in Engineering and Computing and UPE.

Ili’s extensive technical skill is reflected in her comprehensive portfolio of unique and striking photography. Her expertise also encompasses videography, where she specializes in both linear and nonlinear editing systems. She has successfully worked on and directed various successful marketing videos, TV commercials, and video ads. Besides leveraging her extensive business network and relationships as a Producer, Ili has produced diverse events, including symposiums, expositions, promotional and networking events.

A recognized artist, Video Editor and Photographer, has earned a strong reputation in the greater South Florida community. Ili shares her spare time between her passion for painting and school as a full-time student.