“Thoroughness and transparency are key words in the assessment processes. ASDF puts a lot of effort into creating an assessment process that applicants and the scientific community in general may have a high degree of trust in”

Each full proposal is sent to three high-level international experts within the relevant scientific area(s) for external peer review. The reviewers must be true peers and, at a minimum, must possess the same international standing as the applicants. Each reviewer is asked to deliver a report of three to five pages according to the protocols.

Transparency and trust

The used process is very open and transparent. Reviewers and applicants will know each other’s identities. Applicants are given an opportunity to comment on the composition of the review panel and can, in addition, comment on the reviews prior to the board’s final decision.

Declaration of conflict of interest

In order to ensure board decisions are not influenced by biased reviewers, both reviewers and applicants are asked to declare a possible conflict of interest, before the applications are sent out for review. If a conflict is identified, the reviewer will not be used.

Composition of review panels

Each applicant may submit the names of three experts, one of whom will be chosen by the foundation to serve on the panel of reviewers that assess the application. The foundation will choose the other two reviewers based on recommendations from external or internal sources. Even though several applications may fall within the same topic or discipline, reviewers are as a general rule not asked to assess more than one application. All the review panel will be headed unanimously by the International Secretary of Association of Scientists, Developers and Faculties to ensure the guidelines of the process.